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Do not miss the opportunity to book directly from the official website of Hotel Torino without any intermediary . That is why:
PERSONALIZED QUOTE: by e-mail or  with a phone call, explaining your needs, we will be able, in a short time, to  give you a quote measured for you with the desired services, with discounts designed and processed to your needs. A beach holiday in Jesolo offers a thousand services that you can choose to include or exclude in your quote. If you book directly you will have the chance to change your  mind in the course of your stay without having to consult anyone else except the hotel staff.
INSURED SAVINGS: talking directly with the hotel, you will be able to obtain information on discounts reserved for our guests and for those who decide to contact us directly. Loyalty and the fact of being chosen without intermediaries are factors that must be rewarded with substantial savings
BEST RATES: from our website the best rates on line will be always guaranteed .
NO BROKERAGE COSTS: by booking directly with us, you will not pay any extra money for commission or brokerage
OPPORTUNITY TO BOOK WITHOUT CREDIT CARD: now all brokers are asking the credit card to guarantee a reservation. By booking on our website:
you will have the possibility to choose different methods of payment , not only by credit card, but also by  bank  transfer, money order or other means that we can discuss together
GRANTED  DISCOUNTS: in  , the offers section,  you will have the chance to choose between several offers, the cheapest for your holiday in Jesolo. If you do not find a fully satisfying offer for  you, however ask for a quote directly explaining your needs. We will be at your disposal
DISCOUNT COUPONS: in special offers section of our website two types of coupons often appear:
- Discount coupon which,  carefully copied during the booking process, will  give you chance to save 
- Coupons which can  be downloaded  and  specified on booking time  to get  the chosen discount ( for ladies, for children and not only )
FAST AND SAFE RESERVATION: our strength lies in the speed and clarity of the answer. Any doubts about the rooms, services, prices will immediately dispelled by our staff , at you disposal not only at the reception desk, but also by mail or telephone .
FLEXIBILITY: talking directly with the hotel creates a relationship that allows a kind of flexibility  in discounts to encourage the customer and the reservation. Our staff has been given  great freedom to establish discounts and rates
Do not fear direct contact, our web reputation is clearly visible and easily available all over the web. A direct booking is not a risk, rather  it is  a big advantage, because the hotel  is easily available online both  for bookings and  for reviews, or  treatment modalities.

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