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Jesolo : our Seaside Resort

What does it mean to be a three-star hotel in Jesolo

Being a 3 star hotel in Jesolo means being the heart of the city's tourist facilities, as the three-star hotels are  the most popular among all categories. Jesolo is in fact a beach born with pensions, from small family hotels that, with time and with the city, have evolved and have made a big difference.

Pensions are once a pale reminder, and today Jesolo offers a wide range of tourist facilities even to cover the needs of those who require 5 star hotels.

Seven good reasons to choose Jesolo at Carnival time

You may wonder why I recommend the carnival in Jesolo, as the homelands of  carnival are Venice, or Viareggio or Rio. Well, I'm not crazy, I  am just  suggesting you an interesting alternative  and a proposal for a different and varied weekend.

Jesolo Hotel near Capannina Beach and not only

What does it mean for young people to come to Jesolo and choose the right hotel? It means to choose a hotel closed to their points of interest, and mainly to the most famous places of Jesolo nightlife. And Hotel Torino is closed to Capannina Beach . This means that our hotel is in a central position since the Capannina Beach  is one of the most famous places of our night life.

Jesolo at Christmas Time

Yes, even today, December 31, I want to write something about Jesolo.
Coming to work today, but since yesterday, I saw Jesolo replenish themselves, certainly not like summer, but the promenade, Via Bafile was populated by colorful jackets, caps, people with gloves strolling.
You may wonder why there are people who choose Jesolo for the last days of the year? The answer Ve do I, because our lives Jesolo, also lives in the winter, not summer rhythms, but it certainly has plenty of activities

Jesolo, a City for all Seasons

Jesolo is a seaside resort living a powerful detachment between summer and winter. The city of Jesolo known in summer with the equipped beach, with bars on the beach, evening parties on the beach , the Jesolo nightlife with discos, nightclubs, water games, playgrounds for children and much, much more. We all know of the endless car queues to arrive in Jesolo or leave from Jesolo, especially on a Sunday or other hot days, despite the building of the tunnel .

The ideal Hotelier in Jesolo, in 3-star Hotels

Possessed by my desire to implement my blog,i have benn wonmdering for the last days how it should be the perfect hotelier. Let's say that, after 25 years of working in tourism and 20 years devoted specifically to the hotel, I can afford to draw the lines for the ideal hotelier ; then reality is so hard, so hard that the ideal remains there at the top, is the figure all the hoteliers are aspiring to; we are as free climbers devoting energies to reach the summit, with constant and continuous slips.

Jesolo is both Beach and So Much Sport

Jesolo, a city that grows and renews itself, but above all a seaside resort has to offer much more than what we often believe at first sight.
After I asked what can a tourist in Jesolo in a previous blog, today I asked myself that sport can be practiced in Jesolo and Jesolo mni they are documented between friends, between internet and my experiences and what they can offer the Hotel turin

What is a Hotel, or better what is Hotel Torino?

I found myself, running around the web, to read an article by a blog about what a # albergo.In this article have reported several opinions by more or less famous, such as copy and paste, and what is written in the blog:
The hotel is where you can give more than you expect. (Philippe Terryn - Manager Accor Hotels)

The hotel to me is ... a nice room with a view. (Lele Luttazzi - Designer)

The hotel is the place where no one bothers me and where everyone respects my desire to isolate myself. (Vasco Rossi - Songwriter)

Jesolo is only Fun and Sun tanning?

This year the Hotel Torino has decided to join the Daily News of Jesolo, to give a service to its customers: the service of information and as mentioned in the article written on the Daily News, the Hotel us that we're a little locked to work during the summer season, we realized that there is a Jesolo eventful, events, parties, dancing in the streets.

Jesolo : Satisfied or Refunded

During 2014, due to bad weather that has haunted tour operators and tourists together, for the entire summer the summer, we were often in front of customers who have asked us why not rimborsavamo, as published on the web and in the press days of bad weather.

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