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A 3 star hotel in Jesolo has to renew every day, you should find the most right formulas for all types of customers

Hotel Torino Bed & Breakfast in Jesolo

Hotel Torino, in this winter time, is making some considerations, being often known in a different way from a bb, but Hotel Torino is also a bed & breakfast in Jesolo. As a bb in Jesolo Lido we do not believe we miss anything, in fact, we are giving more and more space and importamce to the breakfast. Being a bed and breakfast means to focus on breakfast and we have always focused on breakfast as an important, if not fundamental and unique moment in our Guests' Day.

Free wifi in Jesolo hotel: at Hotel Torino you can, that is why!

No doubt that Hotel Torino in Jesolo is not perfect, but, for sure, we have always worked to keep pace with the times and even, sometimes, to anticipate them, as in the services offered to those who choose us. Among the services offered at no additional cost, there is the free wi fi throughout the hotel that we decided to offer to our guests several years ago, as far back as 2011, if we  remember correctly.

Hotel Torino ideal for Ladies,Mothers with Kids, Singles and Grandmothers

Pink Hotels , hotels for ladies : a new brand appeared on the turistic market in the last years , hotels especially suited to women, And here we wondered if Hotel Torino would be suitable for women traveling alone. And we have not given a negative answer, I would say that we believe our hotel is a true beach house suitable to accommodate single women.

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