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The fertile Venetian Plain extending from the north of the river Po to the foot of the Dolomites is dotted with so many cities of art. Clear evidence of the glorious past presence of the Romans and the Venetians can be easily found in the charming amphitheatres and in the elegant palaces of the Venetian cities, recently declared Heritage of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
These cities can be visited with daily trips, by car, bus or train from the nearby station of Mestre or San Dona’ di Piave

The city extends on the  Venetian plain, surrounded by its ancient walls, was part of the Roman Empire under the name of "Tarvisium". Just in this period   it became an important...
Vicenza  is characterized by its  private country side  ‘character’, but it is also equally well known  for goldsmiths and for the architecture of Andrea Palladio, whose works are...
Venice is  unique :  entirely built on water, full of calli , the  way  the streets are called in Venice,  and canals crossing sumptuous palaces and magnificent churches, colorful street markets and...
Romantic city,  lying lazy on the banks of the impetuous Adige, which flows south inflated by the Alpine melting snows. Today Verona, popular international tourist destination,  ...
Each city has its own distinctive character: the commercial Padua has also  a rich religious and artistic heart. Things to see: 1.Cappella  degli Scrovegni. Glorious Chapel in...

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