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The restaurant at Hotel Torino will be with you for the whole day, starting with the morning breakfast and finishing with refreshments and tasty food pamper you at lunch and dinner.

We are proud of our King-size breakfast Re: many kind of cereals to dip in milk, fresh and canned fruits, juices, yogurt that in modern breakfast cannot miss, the wide range of jams, the choice of delicious cakes, cookies, croissants, Italian espresso coffee, cappuccino, chocolate .... And the cheese, eggs, sausage and bacon. The holiday is not a time for being on a diet and breakfast is the first meal of the day , then you have to face the sea, the beach, the swimming, the sun and hiking. You have to be full of energy!

Our Chef awaits you at lunch and dinner with menus very attentive to the needs of light food , but always and varied and always accompanied by rich and delicious buffets of salads, vegetables, appetizers and delicacies. Your palate won’t get bored!

We are here to pamper you, spoil you, and improve our Italian and Venetian cuisine revisited by our chef’s imagination.

Our menus are especially attentive to all your needs, meat, fish, soups, pastas, more elaborate dishes, and simpler dishes, but also welcome the latest trends from the international and ethnic cuisine which has introduced highly tasty and healthy ingredients.

Without forgetting our desserts, always different, always tasty, ready to tempt you,. Oscar Wilde said "I can resist everything except temptation", in fact ... do not resist the final temptation of our desserts, we want to spoil you and leave a sweet memory in your mind.

A careful look to our little guests with a menu to suit them: baby food, soups , and all that their moms will order without any problem . We are now Masters in babies menu. It is nice to see our little guests to have their meals tastily with their bib on the chair : it still excites us!

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