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Budget-Hotel in Jesolo

L’importanza della colazione in albergo, b&b a Jesolo Lido


Noi dell’Hotel Torino, b&b a Jesolo Lido, ogni anno pensiamo a come rinnovarci , a come crescere e  migliorare per poter soddisfare sempre di più le esigenze e necessità dei nostri Ospiti. In quest’ottica, oltre a continue ristrutturazioni degli interni, lavoriamo sui servizi e sul cibo puntando sulle novità ed aggiornamenti.

Hôtel Torino èst un Hotel pour les Enfants en Collaboration avec Baby Guest

En cet hiver est un hiver de grande ferveur pour nous de Turin, le tout dans la préparation pour la saison d'été 2016. Et ajouté à cette ferveur, il y a les diverses collaborations que nous avons près de donner beaucoup de nouvelles opportunités pour nos clients. Collaborations qui nous aident à façonner notre marque, et de faire une offre plus détaillée et spécifique.

Hotel Torino is Kid Friendly in cooperation with Baby Guest

In this winter of great fervor for Hotel Torino to be ready for the summer season 2016 there are the several collaborations we have made to give many new opportunities to our guests. Collaborations that help us in shaping our brand, and to make the offer more detailed and specific.

Full Board for Families with Kids in Jesolo

And we're back with a short article, but I think essential to lay down the guidelines on how to travel with a baby \child at the Hotel Torino in Jesolo. Many mothers ,when they book are a little anxious, most of all if it's the first holiday organized with the baby . I think it is essential divide the several ages so that you can more or less properly be aware of how you can organize and how we can help to make the holiday easier for you and for your children.

Hotel Torino is a hotel Millennials friendly

Today, roaming the net, where I learn something new every day, I discovered the Millennials, the young travelers born between the Eighties and the beginning of 2000. They are considered one of the largest market for tourism in general, and,a target with well defined characteristics: well prepared to travel a lot, to spend, to use socials and electronic means to share news about your hotel or tourist activity in general

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